A HVAC system is an indoor air technology that exerts heating, ventilation and air conditioning to provide a comfortable indoor environment. HVAC can be classified into four different categories as Hybrid HVAC, Duct less HVAC, Split HVAC and Packaged HVAC

Hybrid HVAC

Hybrid HVAC technology is considered as the most effective type of HVAC system to fit domestic habitats. Relatively the system uses two different methodical apparatus including a furnace and a heat pump to create a restful interior.  Unlike a heat pump that uses electrical fuel, furnace burns natural fossils to operate the whole hybrid HVAC system

The heat pump is responsible to heat and cool the refrigerant compound according to the temperature shifts. But you can’t always guarantee the heat pump to operate effectively, especially during extreme winter. In such occasion, you can switch back to the alternative apparatus furnace to keep your entire household warm. As Hybrid HVAC is rich in its effectiveness, it could be a recommended selection to comfort medium scaled offices and houses.


Duct-less HVAC

A ductless HVAC technology is an air-conditioning system that uses Heat pump, coil, Fan and thermostat to cool down the interior environment at any level of temperature. The ductless system could be assumed as an essential need during summer days, especially for banks, small rooms, supermarkets and etc.

The basic installation process begins up in connecting a condenser and indoor air handling unit with a couple of long tubes and thick wires. You may need a clear flow of electricity to ensure the effectiveness of Ductless HVAC. If you have an idea of space management, you can easily install a feasible duct less HVAC to your personal room.


Split HVAC

Generally, a Split HVAC system can be contemplated as the traditional HVAC system used in many residential bungalows and lodges. The flexible use allows the users to adjust the degree of temperature at any preferred level. Similar to Duct HVAC split system combines an indoor and an outdoor unit to operate the air conditioner system. The air conditioner system is one of the key components to draught down the ventilator, furnace, and refrigerant to give out a fresh breeze.

As an additional element, you could use purifiers and air fresheners to purify the draught with sweet odors. Yet you may have to consider servicing the system to ensure the quality goes well. It does not matter whether you reside in bungalows or cottages. You can simply install Split HVAC to inhale the freshened breeze of split air conditioners.


Packaged HVAC

Packaged HVAC system can be distinguished as the perfect choice to achieve space management, efficiency, and durability. A ductless air-conditioner can only help you during warm days. But when it’s snowing outside you wont even imagine using the ductless system to warm the whole house.

In such circumstances, a packaged HVAC could be more commodious to heat your environment and to act as an air-conditioner in sunny days. The system consists of a heat pump/ air-conditioned, thermostat, coil and fan to continue its operation. The HVAC system guarantees you a high quality breeze to improve your comfort!