In establishing Contra Drafting we were motivated by the desire to provide excellence in drafting and architectural design.

That desire itself derived from our belief that design has the capacity to transform. Design transforms not only space or some physical dimension, but also the mind, psychology and nature of all the living things it impacts. It is a tremendous power indeed that often starts with the etching of a line and the bending of a curve.

Space and light and order. Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep.
-Le Corbusier



Given the intimate connection between space, nature and life, the best architects will know how their architectural designs and the building or construction that is the ultimate end of all of this activity, affects the end user. A building in fact can impact the lives of those that use it in a decisive (and divisive) way. Consider for example the impact the interior of a building will have if the first floor was served by a floating staircase as opposed to a straight staircase. The first is much more impressive is it not? But then consider how practical such fancy design would be in the construction of an institutional building such as a school or day care centre; not at all in fact. Needless to say the example above is somewhat simplistic; yet it does highlight the importance of sound architectural design.


The work of the drafter in this design process is key. While the overall vision of the project and the decision to move forward with one design element as opposed to another, rests with the architect, the drafter or ‘drafter’ has the technical and technological know-how to draw, render & illustrate that vision. The drafting services offered in Australia are many and range in complexity and price. How one may choose which is the best drafting service to use in one instance, depends on the scope of the particular project as well as their specific requirements in the project.

Collectively, drafting, drawing, along with Computer-aided Design or CAD, are central in the creation, development, alteration, analysis, or enhancement of a design. Consequently, a drafter is key player in the design process and has a unique position to effect change and introduce innovation in design.

At Contra Drafting we like think of ourselves just so; as change makers and innovators. With our passion for design and through our intimate knowledge of technology and application we strive to provide the best drafting services Australia has to offer. Why? Because Design, just like the story that threads a fine novel, is King.