If you are looking for a software to manage the manufacturing of duct, nothing can be as efficient as CAMduct since it is designed to satisfy all types of total production requirements. The software is designed to work with different types of cutting machines and is, therefore, useful for the HVAC industry. Its services are actually not limited to just maintaining a detailed database of fittings but it is also responsible for keeping record of management and nesting information. CAMduct helps evaluate the production process. We believe that CAMduct is the market leader for keeping the manufacturing process on the right track.

CAMduct comes with flexibility, meaning that a business does not have to change its standards instead, you can tailor the software to your requirements.
Key Features
• Huge database of duct families
• Easy to edit existing families to suit duct manufacture standards
• Has Green Nesting to ensure production efficiency
• Pressure Class/Specification driven easy item entry
• Has the ability to bring estimating, drawing and manufacturing processes together
• Can work with various CNC machine tools

CAMduct involves various entry methods, clear informative fitting graphics and customisable screen layout to simplify job entry task. The features are quite efficient in helping management to do maximum work within a short time period. CAMduct is equipped with the proven and most comprehensive fitting libraries that businesses can easily use. Rectangular, oval and round fittings are normally preferred when it comes to welded or seamed construction. Businesses can customise them in the way they want and can enjoy parametric benefits to make sure everything will move on the right track.

To make nesting functions easy to understand, CAMduct has created nesting algorithms that minimise waste production and help assist manufacturing high quality products. Its Green Nesting is efficient in improving sheet management and sheet utilisation.
Another worth mentioning feature of CAMduct is that its parametric fittings can allocate seams and flange automatically, based on the business’s specification. It is, therefore, said that CAMduct can stimulate factory production and the businesses will have reports for every operation, delivery labels, worksheets for part assembly, BOMs, management reports, stock control reports, workshop reports along with third party ERP/MRP system and interoperability.
CAMduct is not only efficient in giving direction to the whole production but it also enables authorities to assign barcodes and labels in order to simplify the tracking and management task. In conclusion, CAMduct is the complete package of production management that assists an organisation at every level, no matter how big or small the organisation is. The software is expected to bring production management to a new level where, everything will be done more efficiently!